Integer and Integer_vector conversions

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Requirement Summary

Need boolean to integer and boolean_vector to integer_vector conversions. Need std_ulogic to integer and std_ulogic_vector to integer_vector conversions.


Operations such as coverage modeling work best with integer based types.

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-- std.standard
function to_integer (I : boolean) return integer ; 
function to_integer_vector (I : boolean_vector) return integer_vector ; 
function to_boolean (I : integer) return boolean; 
function to_boolean_vector (I : integer_vector) return boolean_vector ; 

-- ieee.std_logic_1164
function to_integer (I : std_ulogic) return integer ; 
function to_integer_vector (I : std_ulogic_vector) return integer_vector ; 
function to_std_ulogic (I : integer) return std_ulogic ; 
function to_std_ulogic_vector (I : integer_vector) return std_ulogic_vector ; 


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-- MatthiasAlles - 2013-02-14

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