Generics on Protected Types

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  • Date Proposed: 2012-08-17
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Requirement Summary

Add generics to protected types. Allow generics to be specified on usage of the type - in a similar way to subtype constraints.

Current Situation

When using package generics to create a data structure, the process is instantiate a package, reference the package, and then reference a type from the package. When multiple different parameterized data structures are created from the same generic package, the type names need to be instanced with fully selected path names.

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Proposed Extension, Part 1:

Add Generics to protected types to streamline parameterization of data structures.

Declaration of protected type interface

type ScoreBoardGenericPType is protected 
    generic (
        type ExpectedType ; 
        type ActualType ; 
        function check(Actual : ActualType ;  Expected : ExpectedType) return boolean 
    ) ; 
end protected ScoreBoardGenericPType ;

Protected type instance:

type ScoreBoardPType_slv is new ScoreBoardGenericPType 
    generic map (
        ExpectedType    => std_logic_vector,  
        ActualType      => std_logic_vector,  
        check           => std_match
    ) ;  

Usage of the object

shared variable UartTxScoreboard : ScoreBoardPType_slv ; 

Proposed Extension, Part 2:

Allow generics to be specified during an object declaration in a similar manner to a subtype constraint.

Combine protected type instance and shared variable declaration

shared variable UartTxScoreboard : ScoreBoardGenericPType 
    generic map (
        ExpectedType    => std_logic_vector,  
        ActualType      => std_logic_vector,  
        check           => std_match
    ) ;  


Part 1 without part 2 gives us a solution that does not have any advantage over package generics.


Would there be restrictions on generic types that are locally instanced with respect to hierarchical references?

Can I use the generic type on an interface and have the actual specify the generics without it being on the formal?

General Comments

Important for testbench data structures


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