Define 2 & 4 State Semantics for std_ulogic

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From Jan 31, 2013 meeting

    • Simulate std_logic using 2 states (0, 1) or 4 states (0,1,X,Z)
    • Could this buy us anything?
    • Where would it be specified to do this? Is it a tool thing?
    • Does bit simulate faster / use less memory that std_logic?
    • Why can't a compiler/simulator do this automatically for RTL code?
      • If I cannot do it, can I mark it somehow?
      • Simulator flag or marker in code?
    • Recommendation: Investigate Further

General Comments

-- ErnstChristen - 2015-01-27 - Such semantics are already available: STD.STANDARD.BIT and X01Z and the related conversion functions.

Email Reflector Comments

From: Peter Flake (Thu Jan 03 2013 - 09:48:21 PST)

Perf 3: Define 2 and 4 state semantics

Since the language allows 2 state and 4 state signals to be defined, it seems unnecessary to change the language. Of course a tool can attempt to optimise std_logic into fewer states, at the risk of getting the wrong results!

From: Joanne Degroat (Thu Jan 03 2013 - 11:38:20 PST)

On Perf 3: Define 2 and 4 state semantics

The language allows for development of any state systems needed for the task at hand through overloading. I recently had the need to develop a logic system with probabilistic fault injection, i.e., a logic function randomly generates the wrong result. This can be done. If the logic system developed has merit it can be incorporated as a package in the standard.

From: Brent Hayhoe (Mon Jan 21 2013 - 13:09:26 PST)

PERF-03 Define 2 & 4 state semantics

As has already been said, the types required already exist. I think the answer is/are types 'BIT' and 'X01Z', just needs a resolution function for 'BIT'.

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