P1076 June 2, 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Brent Hayhoe, Rob Gaddi, Jim Lewis, Kevin Jennings, Lieven Lemiengre


Meeting Discussion

  • Review PrivateDocuments file: _summary_vhdl_requirements_priority.xlsx
  • Restart at line 86
  • 86: Additional Rules for Bit String Literals
    • Any value to this?
    • Enhanced error detection?
    • Why " in a bit string literal? No fundamental reason for this.
  • 87: All Interface Lists Can Be Ordered
    • Support, however, how much work is it to make the change?
    • Anyone willing to work on this?
    • Since it is already true for Generics, it make sense.
  • 88 The Sensitivity List for Process(all) Should Not Include Signals in All Reachable Subprograms
    • Depends on body of package. Will not know this at compile time. Will only know this at elaboration time.
    • Agree to mark it erroneous, given that erroneous means that it is an error to use, but a compiler is not obligated to detect it.
    • Action in LRM: change the word error to erroneous.
  • 89 Multiple Design Hierarchies
    • This seems to want to specify elaboration order of two separate designs loaded via a simulator command line.
    • Can the LRM even speak to this? Or is this a tool thing?
    • Need clear explanation of use model and someone to work on it.
  • 90 Preponed Process
    • Deals with clock, data delta cycle races.
    • Would modify the execution model of VHDL.
    • AI: get feedback from Tristan
  • 91 Update std_logic_arith
    • To maintain backward compatibility would only consider part 1
    • need champion to go anywhere
  • 92 Dynamic Process Instance
    • Would be a significant amount of work.
    • With a static number of processes. Use resolved signal to create a barrier synchronization.
    • Lieven envisions we could have something better, but we would need a champion
    • some day maybe
    • need use cases
  • 93 Shorthand Subprogram Declarations
    • Some day maybe

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

Lieven, Rob, Kevin

Next Meeting: Thursday June 9, 2016, 11 am Pacific

Previous Meeting: Thursday May 26, 2016

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