P1076 April 07, 2016 Meeting Minutes


  • Rob Gaddi, Lieven Lemiengre, Jim Lewis, Brent Hayhoe, Ernst Christen, Patrick Lehmann


Meeting Discussion

  • What's Next - see PrivateDocuments file: _summary_vhdl_requirements_priority.xlsx
  • Restart at line 60
  • 60: Array Type Generics
    • Currently cannot do array type operations on a generic type
    • No way to enforce that the actual is an array type
    • May overlap with abstract packages
    • May overlap with anonymous types discussion
    • Should we be able to restricted a type to a scalar type or an array type.
      • Current sense of the language is that the object is limited to operations on a scalar type
  • 63: Abstract Packages
    • Skipped to here due to overlap with 60
    • Currently can pass functions
    • Ernst: Alternative make checking generic package is to parse a generic package as a template and defer the checking until compiling a generic package instance
    • Lieven would prefer to use an abstract package
  • 61: New Predefined Attributes: 'actual and 'formal
    • For integers want to know the range of the actual that is passed to a subprogram vs having to pass 'low and 'high as parameters
    • Would not always want to do this as it would slow down all subprograms as the 'low and 'high would need to be implicitly passed by the simulator.
    • May need to be reconsidered with the integer extensions
    • Alternative: make range a first class object and have the range explicitly passed in the subprogram
    • Also see: RangeOperations
    • Could create an explicit range record. Make 'range available to return the record type.
    • solvable?
    • Nice and useful to have but not exactly must have for the level of complexity and/or time required for this proposal
    • Push to next revision
  • 62: Conditional Compilation
    • If limited to only predefined names is it enough?
      • Tool type (sim, synth), vendor name, tool name, tool revision, language revision
    • Could use tool directives similar to encryption
    • Lexing time vs. Parsing time?
    • Still contentious, need to talk about this again.
  • Next Meeting discuss interfaces/bundles

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

Rob, Brent

Next Meeting: Thursday April 14, 2016, 11 am Pacific

Previous Meeting: Thursday March 31, 2016

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