P1076 August 28, 2014 Meeting Minutes



Action Item Review


  • Garbage collection for dynamic memory
    • Peter: Deallocate can be useful to the garbage collector
    • Can't remove deallocate from the language - Peter & Jim
    • What happens when deallocate called, but there are still reference pointers out there to the object
    • Cliff to look at garbage collection
  • Subtypes and Functions
    • If we know the object to which is being assigned, can we make useful and safe rules?
    • Current rules are safe, but in the case of "+" and "-" one has to choose between modulo math and full precision math
    • Also interesting uses of resize in the proposal
    • Problematic: Y <= (A * 5) * B ; -- probably will remain problematic
    • Peter to take a look.
  • Martin - 2033 - ModularTypes Increment operator with modulo wrap around.
    • Added proposal to collected requirements list
  • Integers and Logic Operations IntegerOperators
    • Obligates a bit implementation for integers
    • Martin to write email to reflector

Topics for Future Meetings

  • Integers: Arbitrary vs. Fixed Size?
  • Need more reviewers of matrix math package
  • Ryan: Arbitrary width real: see Nov 8 2012 meeting
  • Open - Multi dimensional Array restructuring: Array <--> Matrix Transformations 2012_MeetingJuly19 MeetingDecember15
    • Matlab has built-in reshape functions
    • In VHDL - explicit vs implicit defined operator
    • David Bishop: Requiring an implicit operator could delay implementations
    • Can this be handled by anonymous types on interfaces or generics on a package?
    • Language facility for creating implicit operators?
  • Ryan - Slicing Multidimensional Arrays (FT15) maybe related to above 2012_MeetingMay24
  • Jim - Mark bugzillas for which we have a proposal with that status
  • Jim - Table driven modeling via protected types 2012_MeetingMay10
  • Open - technical leader for 1076.6 activities?
    • std_logic_1164 uses 1076.6 attribute "RTL_SYNTHESIS_OFF" and "RTL_SYNTHESIS_ON"

Ranking Criteria

  • Rank based on need
    • Item needs to be fixed
    • Useful for an application
  • Rank based on complexity
    • How hard to implement
  • Noted several items in Collected Requirements as Must Do
  • AI: Jim: Create ranking sheet.

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion: Cliff 2nd: Peter

Next Meeting: Thursday September 11, 2014 8 am Pacific

Previous Meeting: Thursday August 21, 2014

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