P1076 June 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes



  • Review VHDL-2008-MP remaining list items
  • Review VHDL-2008-TBV 6, 9, and 13
  • Check closure on AI from review lists.
  • See these items in the collected requirements list

Review of VHDL-2008-MP

  • MP6: Allow attribute declarations in code regions (not just declaration regions)
    • Benefit: keeps attributes which control synthesis local with the code they modify
    • No compelling discussion either way.
    • Not for this revision
  • MP8 - Make transport the default delay mode
    • Breaks backward compatibility
    • not a high list
    • Concern about breaking backward compatibility
    • Not for this revision
  • MP - Allow subprogram bodies in package declarations
    • Benefit: removes extra declartion of package interface
    • May cause issues with encryption?
    • May complicate analysis process.
    • Jim thinks current requirements make big packages more readable.
    • Not for this revision
  • MP - Ability to apply register kind semantics to std_logic. Retain last resolved value when all drivers are off
    • Not clear what this is trying to get at.
    • Drop.
  • MP - Remove white space requirement in physical literals
    • Confusing for those who work in mixed language environments.
    • Do common simulators allow dropping of the space?
    • SystemVerilog requires no space with their physical literals.
    • A small issue, not necessarily worth doing.
    • Revisit in next meeting.
  • MP - Short alias name for std_logic_vector
    • Short names increase likelyhood of finding other items also.
    • Complicates global search and replace
    • Concerns about conflicting with user names
    • Drop
  • MP - Value folding of std_ulogic (2 state/4 state)
    • Not clear
    • Discussion is tending toward multiple packages.
    • Need a more firm understanding of what is wanted and rationale.
    • Drop
  • MP - Implicit generic/port map in component instance
  • MP - Add Endif (like elsif)
  • MP - One_hot assertion to remove priority from if-then-elsif
    • Would be a package based
    • Accept. Need proposal
    • Make name consistent with PSL, and SystemVerilog (if possible).
  • MP - Longest static prefix issue with loops
    • Is this solvable?
    • Good thing about current situation:
      • Expensive to assign to elements of an array in a loop.
      • Preferred method: use temporary variable array, fill it up, and assign it to a signal.
    • AI: Cliff to look into this.
    • Revisit in next meeting.

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion: Jerry 2nd: Peter

Next Meeting Date:

Thursday June 27, 8 am Pacific

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