P1076 August 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes



Record IO Discussion

  • Situation: Different companies both working on common interface
    • Can we allow type matching across packages s.t. if one package defines a Bus1 record type and another also defines a Bus1 record type then they are the same if they conform to some degree. Would reqiure that the record field names are the same?
    • Would have an interesting impact on mixing numeric_std and std_logic_arith
    • Is this necessary? Interfaces between organizations should be tightly controlled and packages with record declarations can be shared through git.
    • port <name> of record <recordtype> is (
    • Peter Flake plans on taking a spin on the proposal

Scope of Keywords

  • As we add language keywords to the language it becomes likely that we will collide with a name already used in a design.
  • For example, the natural keyword to use for record IO mode declarations is "mode"
  • Should we consider giving all names including keywords scope and include keywords in the outer most region such that if someone uses a new keyword as a name in their design, the local definition of the name has scope over the keyword.
  • Time for the compiler folks to chime on this smile


  • Need to finish reviewing the list and catagorizing whether complete or not. Ryan

Next Meeting Date (proposed):

Thursday August 16, 8 am Pacific -- may need a meeting leader

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